Saturday 20th of December 2014
"Where porn comes first"

I can't believe Summer's here again so fast! Here I am taking my chances in wriggling out of my bikini in a public cove in sunny Ibiza. Check me out - mosquito bites and all! Join

Here's a set of me enjoying the warm sunshine of Spain. My hair's wet because I'd just been for a swim in the pool below. I was getting dressed again. I got so far as putting my underwear on and then decided to shoot this photoset with a pearlescent white vibrator. Buzzzzzzzz. Join

This is a pretty short set of me, I'm wearing no make up and the sun is setting directly behind me. It was so pretty there at that time even just a quick short shoot seemed worthwhile. What do you think? Join

Yep. It was so much fun I had to go out on the buggy thingy again. So off I drove in my stripey bikini, denim skirt and cardigan. I drove over many many bumps, with my boobs jiggling like crazy to get to the top of this cliff. Join

What a beautiful setting. So honestly, I wasn't just wandering about in my floaty blue/green top thing in the middle of nowhere. I drove up there in my bikini and swapped clothes before I started shooting. So here I am basking in the sunshine and slowly peeling up my top to reveal my boobies. And then of course I open my legs and show you the good stuff - my foof as I call it this week. Join

I really like this photo set and had a lot of fun shooting it. The sun was setting in Ibiza so there was limited time while the light was still around. So I quickly take off my dress before climing up on the ledge where the daisies grow outside of the place I was staying in. You get the best view from up there! Join

Man these things are cool and a whole lot of fun! Driving off road over rocks and through holes and ditches definitely made my boobs jiggle. I love to feel my nipples rubbing against the material of a bikini. Every dip in the road was very much enjoyed. I eventually chose a spot to stop and show you what's under my very stripey and colourful bikini. Join

Hammocks are so comfy and relaxing... once you're in it and of course as long as you don't try and get out of it! Then it's definitely more of a challenge to be overcome. A challenge to make sure that you don't fall flat on your face! Hardly a way to start a photoshoot is it? Hint* maybe that's why I start the shoot sitting in the thing. That way I can look all cool and capable even though it wasn't the case! Join

Here I am performing acrobatics atop a red 4x4 in a bikini. Join