Pretty Pajamas

06 Jan 2009 -
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Happy New Year! The first update of 2009 is photos I took of Wynona. So here she is on the bed looking very cute in some pretty floral pajamas.


30 Dec 2008 -
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With her sexy strappy sandals and her gauzy nightie Phoebe looks like she has just now removed layers of clothing from a night out on the town. The silver in the sandals really compliments her skin. It appears she has had a great time and is ready to get into a little action on the counter top! Ready for a little nightcap anyone?

Do Not Disturb

Ruth Solo
25 Dec 2008 -
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If you don't know who Missoni are you should. But you can be forgiven for not, as its really quite girly and lame in a Hello! or Victoria Beckham kind of way. Missoni make lovely textiles and things from them, like this lovely dressing gown that I was sooo tempted to steal, but decided against - but only just.

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